One Madison Place Luxury Residence - AMENITIES

Aside from the excellent location in the middle of the city, One Madison Place also offers quite a lot of amenities in-house that might actually make you just want to stay in the compound for weeks at a time. The One Madison Place, just like everything else that was developed by Megaworld Incorporated, provides resort-style living conditions, so you will feel as if you are on a permanent vacation when you choose to live here.

Firstly, there are several swimming pools right inside the condominium complex for you to choose from. There is a pool with a sunbathing deck for when you want to work on your tan. Also, there is a wading/kiddie pool where you and your kids can hang out and play. The adult pool is actually wide and deep enough that you can use it to train. You can swim a couple of laps every day so you can work on toning your muscles and improving your cardio strength.

Speaking of fitness, the One Madison Place also has its own complete gym. Are you thinking of building up your muscle mass? There is a weights room with all of the plates and equipment that you will ever need. Are you thinking of improving your stamina? There are treadmills and stationary bikes that are ready and waiting for you to use. There are also a couple of professional fitness trainers in the gym who will help guide on your fitness journey. When you already live in One Madison Place, you no longer need to pay an exorbitant fee for gym memberships. You already have one that is well within your reach.

Security is high on top of the list of priorities of prospective homeowners and in this regard, One Madison Place will not disappoint. First of all, the condominium has in its employ a team of professional security personnel. These guards not only keep watch at the main entrance and lobby of the condo buildings. They also conduct regular patrols in all of the hallways and public spaces in One Madison Place. As a countermeasure in case of the unlikely chance that something might miss the watchful eyes of the security personnel, there are dozens of security cameras discreetly installed in strategic places all over the community.

Aside from keeping you safe from thieves and intruders, One Madison Place also takes fire safety seriously. There are several smoke and fire detectors in all of the residential units and also in the hallways and public areas. When these alarms are triggered, they will alert the guards on duty who will then coordinate with the local fire station. To mitigate the amount of fire damage in case it does happen, all of the buildings are equipped with state-of-the-art sprinkler systems, and every resident is provided with their own fire extinguisher.

There are actually quite a lot more benefits and amenities that One Madison Place offers its residents but they are just too many to enumerate in just one article. You need to check out the place and see for yourself just how great the place really is.

Ground Floor
  • Residential lobby with reception and lounge area
  • 2 High-speed, inferior -finished passenger elevator
  • Security command center for 24-hours monitoring of all building facilities
  • Retail shops
Recreational Amenities/ Facilities
  • Swimming pool with paved sunbathing deck
  • Pool deck
  • Children's pool
  • Outdoor spa
  • Male/ Female changing and shower room
  • Gym
  • Function room
  • Outdoor fitness station
  • Children's playground
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